Life Skills for Dogs

Do you need help with the jumping K9, the food stealing pup, or the dog that pulls you on the leash? Life Skills training class teaches the skills your dog needs to navigate the human world and be a better behaved companion! 

Life Skills for Dogs

6 week class – $165

Next Class Beginning June 29th at 7pm 

Life Skills Foundation class teaches the basic behaviors you and your dog need to help them develop into happy and well mannered companions that you are proud to show off.  Class includes treat pouch, collapsible water bowl, clicker, graduation test and certificate.

This course covers a wide range of exciting exercises.

-sit and lay down

-loose leash walking

-come reliably when called

-settle on a mat and crate games

– polite greetings with paws on the ground

-food manners and leaving dropped food alone

-relationship building

-having a confident dog

-and so much more! 

*for the safety of the dogs in class and their human families, no aggressive dogs are allowed in group classes. Please contact us if your dog is fearful of people, other dogs, or of new places before booking class. 

Required vaccinations for class

All dogs must be up to date for their age on rabies vaccine and distemper parvo vaccine. 

Required equipment for class:


– flat collar or harness (NO PRONG OR CHOKE CHAINS)

– Small soft treats (Yummy and easy to eat)



We use positive reinforcement for positive results.

Our training philosophy uses positive reinforcement methods with a science based curriculum for faster and better results. That means a better behaved dog and a less hectic household! Our goal regardless of training level is to build a joyful and positive relationship between you and your dog.

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