Are you looking for a way to simplify training your dog?

Perfect. You are in the right place, read on to find out more about clicker training and the simple how and why it works.

What is clicker training?

Clicker training uses a consistent sound to mark a desired behavior and then follows up with a motivating reward. This means that since animal clearly understand which behavior earned the click and reward, they can quickly and easily grasp the new behaviors we are teaching! Click = reward. Easy Peasy Right?

Is it difficult to learn?

No! It’s super easy for you and your dog!! If you ever played red light green light as a kid then you already have an idea of how this works, red light (no click and reward) means offer something else please. Green light (click and reward) means you are on the right track.

Why does it work?

The click pinpoints a specific behavior allowing us to be really precise! It is also always the same noise, unlike our voice which can change if we are excited, calm, or even if we have a cold. It takes a lot of the guess work out for the dog letting them learn even faster. That click noise is processed in a whole different part of the brain than verbal cues. That means less work for your dog to remember and better retained behaviors. It’s safe for all breeds and ages. Unlike some methods of training clicker training does not rely on punishment, force, or aversive methods to get results in training. It can be safely used for very young puppies all the way thru senior dogs, and even other species!

Do I have to use the clicker forever?

Nope, the clicker is only used for teaching. Once your pet knows a behavior your won’t need the clicker for that behavior. I’m sure that your dog will still appreciate the praise and rewards but you can just pull out the clicker to teach new tricks or freshen up older behaviors.

That’s great but will it work with MY dog?

Clicker training is universal, because its fundamentals are based in the science of behavior it will work for all dogs. It is used for many other species as well, dolphins, cats, horses, even tigers and bears. In classes at Partnered Paw University you may see demos with ducks, chickens, cats, horses and more!